Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010

Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010
Taking Home The World Cup!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

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  1. Today my baby girl turns eleven! When i arrived in bellingen she was still in a pram!

    Lola Rose

    De girl dem – weh yuh come from?
    I do it good when I done made dem!
    Me brown skin babies, me girl child dem
    daddy from Jah-mek-ya
    me no take credit that yuh come through me!
    Cimmaron child dem, pick ninny darlins.

    One be sent to try me
    meck me see dem bits
    I don wanna see!
    But baby girl, yuh a sweet mouth
    cafĂ© o’lait Shirley Temple!
    I higherstand yuh singin me love

    Yuh singin’ before yuh can talk
    yuh climbin’ before yuh can walk
    yuh sabi-so eyes
    yuh cheeky- cheeky.

    Lolita, little Lola, Yoruba meanin
    one day yuh’ll be a beautiful woman
    an yuh is a beautiful child
    singin and dancing and crumpin and poppin
    lookin’ deep with yuh liquid browns
    yuh’ll meet any eye, meck em gets it straight
    “y’all be my brother from another mother”
    yuh gwine declare, fer all to hear
    ef yuh sad or mad or glad.

    Little miss lou
    the lord knows
    I love yuh.

    2008. Elizabeth Routledge

  2. A tribute to Marti

    Marti started all this and, however it grows, she will be adored.

    Ah Marti, you're a poet's delight,
    A woman of charm and distinction,
    Tonight we colluded to turn the spotlight
    On the heroine who fed our addiction.

    As bards, we all carry baggage around -
    Despite rumours, we are merely mortal -
    We all have misgivings and doubts abound,
    But they vanish on entering your portal.

    You created a space, equating your grace,
    A place where thinkers assembled,
    If we drank too much, or were a disgrace,
    Your tolerance is always remembered.

    The Bookcafe was a special treat,
    From the moment you opened the door,
    A refuge, and a welcome retreat,
    From those arduous bucolic chores.

    The venue you made was a haven craved,
    By those who love wrestling ideas.
    Like a saintly maid, you undoubtedly saved
    Many from the worst of their fears.

    For here, we found kindred spirits,
    We debated and laughed and sang
    Amid worded walls, beyond the limits
    Of censors and other harsh critics.

    Here, everyone was an equal,
    Every view respected and heard,
    We wish you well in your sequel,
    Your legacy is our written word.

    Craig Nelson 2009

  3. Our place

    The clock betrays me at 2.00am,
    The fire's hot and the cask is full.

    The power's on, I can write this stuff,
    If only I knew, when I had enough

    Of pandering to social norms,
    Philandering with department stores.

    I've drawn a line, I won't be swayed,
    I'm not going to Crazy Day.

    I'll sit in the pub and talk to me mates
    If they're not there, I'll be sure to relate

    To a visitor or two, just to make sure,
    They're not keen to come back anymore.

    The gullies are deep, the vallies are wide,
    There's many a creek, but nowhere to hide

    They won't like it here, whatever the season,
    Keep on moving for just one reason

    We like it here and you crowd our space;
    Stay for some days and get off your face

    Then, it's time to go, back to your perch
    Or crash at the door of any old church

    Where the godly love and welcome the meek,
    And find their strength in helping the weak.

    To a point of despair that would raise the 'air
    Of a mongrel dog and that's what you are

    Rampant, ignorant, feral slobs;
    Go back to facebook and eternal blogs.

    Craig Nelson 2009

  4. It's great to have poems being submitted, but wouldn't they be better to be posted on the blog and not in the Comments sections? See how that's done at

  5. As comments are unmoderated by the administrator/s this blog (in the interest of free speech and freedom of poetry), I'm unable to remove comments. When building this blog, I could have chosen to moderate comments and poems, but decided not to for the reasons just mentioned. I don't believe I have the right to change this setup, and I wouldn't want it anyway. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Thanks, mates. Pip Wilson - current admin of Bello Bards.

  6. I like your poems
    Thank you for share


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