Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010

Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010
Taking Home The World Cup!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010


© Copyright Stephen Grey, 2010

Last night I dreamed of a song already sung
Old men grew younger towards deeds already done
and winter frosts journeyed back to enjoy the summer sun

After breakfast I accidentally went to work for a holiday
A slightly puzzling situation;
The train went backwards out of the station
arriving yesterday I found my work my work already done
I didn’t mind at all . It was all rather fun.

In the evening I mowed the lawn
By the time I finished it was nearly dawn
The mower went backwards and the grass got longer
The mower just became newer and stronger

During the days that followed I got used to it
It didn’t seem to matter anymore
Each day was ,cumulatively, the day before
but usefully I took back modern variation with me
such as my Ipod and laptop p.c.

After 6 months I was back about a year
The rent was no longer in arrears
The landlord even gave me a refund for paying in advance.
Remembering the future I bought stocks about to rise
and invested wisely ;leaving nothing to chance.

Delightfully old friends and lovers began to reappear
I was more relaxed this time around having no reason to fear;
If anything went wrong I knew I’d be ok for at least another year.
I was more abandoned and passionate than before
and often made love on the ceiling Instead of the floor.

Nostalgic for the future I went on a holiday downunder
Expecting everyone there to be the right way up.
But the storms came before the thunder
And people drank from inverted cups.

Returning less disorientated ,
more accepting of my fate
I arrived before my holiday had even started
Whereas before I had often been too late

I now know that, if this goes on and on,
I’ll soon be back in the 70’s,
I can see Paul George Ringo and John.
I will tell them all how much I loved that song,
And how, although I am from tomorrow,
I don’t mind being here yesterday
When all my modern troubles
seemed so far away.

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