Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010

Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010
Taking Home The World Cup!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Love at first sight

© Copyright Stephen Grey, 1009

Dedicated to the right Honorable Lady Landrover

We first met when she was about 43
a good match ,about the same age as me
I knew at once she had to be mine
A beautiful girl, still looking fine.

There she sat unmoving; Abandoned; unalive
Just waiting waiting waiting on the dusty drive
I looked at her ,concerned, for quite some time
She was dirty ,covered in a thin layer of grime
To see such a lady so neglected
Why it’s almost a 4 star crime.

I admired her gracious geometry
Wiped off some sticks and debris
Checked her round shoes; old but hardly worn
I felt a strong urge to help her feel less forlorn.

A few weeks later and she mine
And, as expected ,we get along just fine
The owner had reluctantly agreed to part with her
But I persuaded him while swimming in the river

I cleaned her up; a bit of fresh oil
Fresh water to make sure she didn’t boil
A new differential, lots of TLC
And she’s like a born again Christian
it’s wonder just to see

Now it seems like I’ve known her forever
And yes, we’ve had good and bad times together
She is older now less glamorous ; lost a roof and door
But she the one for me alright
Whom I always will adore.

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