Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010

Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010
Taking Home The World Cup!!!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Welcome to Bello Bards online!

In March, 2007, poetry lover Marti Guy (pictured below) initiated Bello Bards in her bookshop, BellaBooKafe in Church Street, Bellingen (unfortunately now no longer extant), at some considerable expense to herself. She has been the Bello Bards organizer and hostess each month (last Friday of each month, at 6:30 pm) from then until the date of this post. So, thank you, from our hearts, Marti, and, as decided at a meeting of interested parties on May 14, 2010, we now heartily welcome you to BELLO BARDS Blog online.

If you want info on Bello Bards and forthcoming gatherings, ask here. Just click the Comments link at the foot of any post, and I'm pretty sure some Bello Bard will reply. Otherwise, just find a Bello Bard and ask them "What's happening?".

Please invite your friends to bookmark

Marti Guy, founder of Bello Bards

BELLO BARDS, let's get our poems online here. Contributors to the blog, please send your poems, preferably as attachments, to webservant Pip Wilson, email: wilsonsalmanac [AT], who will post them as soon as he possibly can.  

IMPORTANT: Please write BELLO BARDS *PLUS* your poem's title and year/s of copyright in your email Subject Header and put your name in the email in order to help your webservant not to miss or lose any poem or email related to our troupe -- thank you.

Old and new poems by Bello Bards are all welcome and will be posted ASAP.

Submitted poems can be short or quite long, and ought to have a title. I'd think that the only two requirements for publication on this blog are that they are (1) original, and (2) submitted by people who at least occasionally attend Bello Bards poetry functions.

All poems submitted to the Bello Bards Blog that meet those two criteria will be published entirely "as is", i.e., completely unedited by the webservant, except in case of defamation or serious potential legal problems. So, if you're concerned about spelling, italics, bold, punctuation,;./;,--, CaPiTaLiZatIOn, ..........sp acing .....,

*line breaks*

and so on, please ensure that you've got those things fixed before sending to your Bello Bards webservant, who is busy and would prefer you or someone else to be your editor unless he's paid an exorbitant editing fee, or something in barter. Your blog administrators will not mess with your poems.

Your webservant/s will put a © Copyright, the poet's name, and the current year (or date that the poet proposes) beneath the title of every contributed poem. BELLO BARDS Blog takes no responsibility for any other copyright considerations in Australia nor internationally -- that must be the responsibility of the poets who contribute.

We hope to have more webservants here soon, and will announce that when it happens. I, Wilson, don't wish to do the whole shebang, I just wanted to kick it off. I hope it's been kicked off to your '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'.

The preferred format is .RTF file, but .DOC files and .TXT files are acceptable and even poems in emails. But if you can send in .RTF, please do so. If you're unsure how to do that, there are tutorials on the Net that you can google. If you can't google, google 'how to google'. Poems may also be submitted in hard copy (yawn), but that just means a lot of extra work for admin/s of the BELLO BARDS Blog. It's the Digital Age, friends. Please see it as a poet's opportunity, not a poet's encumbrance.

Away we go! Have fun! Thanks, BELLO BARDS! Hugs

Pip Wilson,
Bellingen scribbler and a webservant for BELLO BARDS

Brian Hawkins, aka 'Birdman Brian' and 'Hawkeye', recites at Bello Bards.
The foreground gentleman in gold attire is a regular and usually welcome guest.