Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010

Bellingen Poets in Nimbin 2010
Taking Home The World Cup!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Spirit of Woodford Awards

There is another opportunity for Bello bards, storytellers and the like to reveal their talents to the world, with The Spirit of Woodford Awards and The original Stories and Yarns Performance Award … check out their website for details and application form… 5- 15 mins long … a CD or DVD must be submitted by September 15 2010. Finalists will receive a free Ticket to Woodford festival and be in to win a prize of $2000 and kudos I believe!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A strong showing by Bellingen poets at the 2010 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup was capped when Hydes Creek’s Elizabeth Routledge won the cup, or half of it; the judges were unable to decide on a single winner, and split first prize between Elizabeth and Sydney’s Tug Dumbly.

The other trophy on offer, the coveted people’s choice award, was also won by a Bellingen poet: Craig “The Darkwood Clarion” Nelson, whose persuasive paean to the power of P proved profoundly popular with the punters.

The event held over the last weekend of July, attracted a field of 48 poets from as far afield as Canada, the UK and Ireland, as well as contingents from each of Australia’s capital cities.

Northern NSW was represented by Bellingen and, of course, Nimbin, which boasts the highest density of performance poets per head of population in the southern hemisphere. The standard of poeting was extremely high, and the competitors included three former winners, of which only one (Tug) made it through to the final.

The Bellingen team comprised of four poets – Liz, Craig, Brian Hawkins of Boggy creek and Fiona Kendall from east Bellingen (also called Sawtell) – as well as around a dozen support personnel in the form of psychologists, massage therapists, life coaches, groupies and a babe-in-arms.

Unfortunately there were more poets than prizes, and two of the Bello bards went home empty handed.

However Brain would certainly have won “best hat” , had such award existed, for a creation adorned with hard-earned lyrebird feathers (those birds can run!). Similarly, had there been a prize for best prop, it would surely have gone to Fiona, who delivered her powerful “Confessions of a single mother” from inside an ornate confessional box.

Hundreds of Nimbonians and visitors crammed into the memorial hall for Sunday night’s final, and were royally entertained by a diverse company of poets.

Liz’s winning poem, “Fresh Meat and Intercourse”, is a funny, biting and tender meditation on love and sex, particularly as manifested in a small town. It elicited hoels and guffaws of recognition from the audience, and was worthy winner of what most veterans agreed was the best Performance Poetry World Cup ever.

You can hear Liz and Craig do their winning poem at this month’s Bello Bards poetry night, on 27th August ( free entry, venue TBA – check http://bellobards, for updates. Alternatively, the video of the final will shortly be online at

Sunday, August 8, 2010

While we are all delighted with the success of our local poets who went to the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, our return to Bellingen was soon met with the bad news that Pip Wilson is in hospital.

A foundation member of Bellingen poets, creator of this blog and a man of many interests and talents, Pip was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, NSW, a few days ago with severe head injuries.

Encouraging news today is that Pip is showing signs of recognition of his family.
The cause of his injuries are unknown at this stage, but Bellingen police are apparently treating it as an assault.

Our thoughts are with Pip and his family.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pics from NPPWC 2010

We will let you know when the NPPWC is up on YouTube!

cheers Liz

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Congratulations to Craig Nelson, etc

Although I've not yet become informed of the results of BELLO BARDS at the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, the grapevine tells me that Bello Bard Craig Nelson won the People's Choice at this event. This is a great and deserved honour to Craig and to our small but dedicated troupe of scribblers. I hear, also on the Bello grapevine, that Brian 'Birdman' Hawkins also did well. Congratulations, Craig, and Hawkeye, you have remarkable talents. You and Cup-winner, Liz Routledge, have made me a little afraid ever to compete alongside you, but I hope to do so next year if I can. Well done, Bello Bards. You have done our group and our shire proud. I hope you will inform the local and regional press, and the Bello Bards website, ASAP, with a news item and a photo. Well done, all of you, my friends! And watch out -- it's my intention that next year I will compete for the prestigious cup. Meanwhile, bask in your well-earned glory. I am so proud of you all.

Just in Case!

I would just like to clarify ...for those of you who don't know me, Craig or anyone else on this blog for that matter ... I forget this is the world wide web... the comment I made about the Peoples's Choice Winner and the freudian slip ...I was just kidding!!!!

Judges versus People

Controversy continues as the dust settles in the aftermath of the 2010 World Performance Poetry Cup.

People's Choice winner, me, takes umbrage at co-winner Elizabeth Routledge's so-called freudian slip that my award was 'bought'.

I can tell you, and Ruth will testify, that I went to Nimbin broke.

I couldn't buy anything other than the goodwill of the audience and a couple of schooners before my performance in the heats.

Sure, I have friends in Nimbin who came along and the Bello crew was there and Ruth may have thrown in some extra votes (although she denies this).

I wouldn't ask anyone to vote for me, unless they like my poetry.

The People's Choice award could be open to abuse, but I have it, I love it, and fuck the judges (apart from those who chose Elizabeth). Those who elimanated Brian deserve to be jettisoned.

OK, OK, I'm biased and judging, as we know, is something to be avoided and who would want to do it?

I love all the Bellingen poets, but Brian sang in the semi in a way that made the audience soar. They laughed and they cried and they were with him every step of the way in a consummate performance. As evidence, if you need any, a past winner of the cup, Lanky Len, turned to Brian with open arms when it was announced that he hadn't made the final and said, 'I am so sorry'.

We were all sorry, disappointed, gutted that the bloke I consider among the best living poets I know, was cruelly culled from the final.

That's the way it goes in competitive cups with judges.

Which brings us back to the people's choice. What more can I say?

 Well done Bello.

Congratulations, Liz, and an explanation

Congratulations, Elizabeth, in winning The Cup. We are all so proud of you, representing Bello Bards, and for your own talent and voice. A word of explanation: I have tried many, many times to make comments on Bello Bards, usually in approbation of the poetry of Bello Bards contributors. But for unknown reasons, perhaps because officially I am the 'moderator' of this group, every method I have tried has failed to allow me to post comments. But I can write posts, so, again, congratulations to you, and to all. Thank you for representing our small but significant salon of very talented writers. You have all been in my heart over these recent days. I'm just sorry I am unable to post comments. Looks like it's stuck there unless I find a way to be able to post my comments. Anyway ... well done, Liz, and all of you!!!

2010 WINNER of The Nimbin performance Poetry World Cup!

Shock Controversy ! Cup split between two finalists!! Will they cut The cup in Half!

No! Absolutely NOT! Elizabeth Routledge takes the Cup home to Bellingen, telling her co-winner Tug Dumbly that he's already won before so she has first dibs!

No in all seriousness, I am thrilled and privileged that the judges put me up there with Tug who is a brilliant , polished and experienced performance poet / satirist. I was blown away by the skills and energy of the other finalists and many of those who didn't make the finals( Randall Stevens, Brian Hawkins {semi-finalist}...),it was a fantastic weekend, intense, funny, entertaining and full of colourful characters in the iconic town of Nimbin, NSW , Australia. It was doubly exciting when Craig Nelson bought (oops freudian slip)the People's choice trophy home to Bello as well!

I want to thank Susie and Bob of Upper Tunatable who put up the Bello crew and of course Iain , Marty, Ruth, Sally and Rosie for being there and sharing a great weekend. We all thought Marty was joking when she insisted we would bring home the cup! Thanks also to Gail and all the other organisers of the Nimbin Cup ... it is a special event... one that we can go on and develop with a sister Cup in Bello ???

A round of applause for Fiona who got up and delivered her Confessions of A single Mother behind the confessional box but in good voice ... many in the audience related to her words. Brian Hawkins was as usual a unique, precious and confidant voice over the weekend and Craig has started a trend ...that could be around for a long, long time with his Ode to the letter P ... it got the audience going!

There were so many outstanding performers , some old stalwarts on the scene Robin Archbold was by turns hilarious and heart wrenching, David Hallett and Zelly were in great form ( as was Ruthie - spellbinding...over the time limit but.... time is not a kouri construct!)and Candy Royale a previous winner was also excellent. But in my opinion it was the young poets who were fascinating : Doubting Thomas powerful, Darkwing (wig is good too!) Dub,Steven Smart and Randall Stevens (funny and smart all of them!); in the girls camp Sophia Darcy-Cole was outstanding and Betsy Turcot and Jarrah Schmah who were in the finals were all intellingent, clever, funny poets.

I could rave on! It really was a fantastic weekend and I am on a high ... it's taken me nearly half a century to win a Cup ! I was crap at sports ... now I am the winner of a WORLD CUP !!!!!

Thanks again Gail and co. for welcoming us into the Nimbin community spirit...spirited community ... I am excited about judging next year already ...

Peace, Love and mung beans... Elizabeth Routledge xx

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm glad to be alive

© Copyright Pip Wilson, 2010

When the sun is smiling and I am warm
I feel a part of nature and I'm glad to be alive.
And when the sky is cloudless and as blue as babies' eyes
I love to feel the heat of day, I love to be outside.
But also when the friendly sun is hidden by the storm
and rain is pelting hard upon the flower beds outside,
I'm happy for I know that soon the day will dry its eyes,
so, wet or fine, I'm almost always glad to be alive.